Flat pack modular system

A contemporary and fluid update to similar but more stationary hanging systems used by artists in the past.
The track and rail easel is flat packable, making it easy to install and de-install if you move studios or travel to an artist residency.


Are you beginning to work larger or working on multiple paintings at the same time?
The track and rails are designed to be scalable.
As your practice grows, you can expand with additional rail and track to accommodate larger work.

Make better use of space

It’s perfect for studios with limited space.


Mounted spacer blocks offset the easel away from the surface, to make use of walls with obstacles (circuit breaker boxes, windows, light switches or outlets) allowing you the ability to use spaces that were unusable before.
With the ability to roll the track to the side you can continue to use your wall for photo shoots, studio visits or easily move large paintings out of the way to set up for additional paintings to be worked on.
Patent Pending 2023