Custom Requests


Custom Sizing Requests

The first easel I constructed became the template for this hanging system. A contemporary and fluid update to similar but more stationary hanging systems used by artists in the past.

What you see in the background image is a 10 foot tall x 22 foot wide custom fabrication I designed to accommodate the working practice of an artist with a large studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Each track and its hardware is rated to hold hundreds of pounds. More than is necessary for any stretched canvas, panel painting or drawing.

Vertical track heights can be purchased in 4ft – 10ft heights and the rails can be paired in indefinite lengths to suit your required dimensions. I currently make the rails in 5ft and 8ft lengths.

If you are interested in purchasing a larger custom easel, contact me with your specific size requirements and I will give you a quote.
Please be sure to write “Custom Size” in the subject line.


* The rails are designed with 1.5 inch mounted wall spacers, but can be doubled up or can even be customized to a preferred distance away from the wall.

Just include these dimensions in your custom quote request. 



Make better use of space

It’s perfect for studios with limited or difficult wall space. It’s also a sleek system that can be tailored to larger studio settings.

With the ability to roll the track to the side you can continue to use your wall for photo shoots, studio visits or easily move large paintings out of the way to set up for additional paintings to be worked on on additional vertical tracks.

The wheel hardware can be adjusted up and down the horizontal aluminum track to allow for a different rail placement within the vertical height.

Changing the height may be beneficial if you have obstacles along the wall, such as mouldings along the floor or ceiling, circuit boxes, light switches or even windows. 

Patent Pending 2023